8th Bio-based Materials Conference 2015

Last week, at the three-days Bio-based Materials Conference in Cologne were presented and discussed possible ways towards the bioeconomy.

Due to climate change, nutrition of a growing global population, resource scarcity and sustainable energy supply we have to find bio-economic strategies to overcome these challenges.

Therefore, SunCoal develops their CarboREN technology in order to convert biogenic wastes into environmentally-friendly chemical precursors. +

Workshop on „Chemicals & Fuels from Hydrothermal Processes“

In the framework of the Innovations Forum HTP SunCoal finished successfully the workshop on „Chemicals & Fuels from Hydrothermal Processes“ in order to discuss the potential and the challenges of these approaches.

As an integral part of the HTP network SunCoal can offer their CarboREN technology to convert organic materials into environmentally-friendly and bio-based chemicals.

The workshop results will be presented and discussed at the final event of the Innovations Forum HTP on June 15th and 16th in Leipzig.

Save the date! + (German)

Eventful week in the name of bioeconomy

On June 15th and 16th SunCoal participated in the final event of the HTP innovations forum in Leipzig. General consensus of the event: hydrothermal processes are heading for the market! + (German)

The following days at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt confirmed the impression that SunCoal’s innovative CarboREN technology for the production of biobased carbons is arousing great interest in the bioeconomy sector. SunCoal is keen to carry much of this momentum!