SunCoal’s Headquarter

SunCoal’s headquarter is located in Ludwigsfelde (20 km south of Berlin, Germany) and hosts SunCoal’s Administration, Engineering and Development Department.

We would be glad to welcome you at our headquarter to present our hydrothermal treatment technology for the generation of high-value carbons,  present our services and to discuss a potential cooperation.

Convince yourself of SunCoal’s unique and patented technology and visit our continuous hydrothermal treatment plant which can be booked for your sample production campaigns.

SunCoal’s Laboratory

In SunCoal’s laboratory, biomass feedstocks are analyzed and upgraded to custom-made products. This includes small scale screening experiments to optimize process parameters, development of scalability and the production samples for application tests.

Please contact us, if you want to test the suitability of your feedstock. Moreover, SunCoal offers application engineering services, if you are interested to test innovative and bio-based carbon products in your process.

SunCoal’s Pilot Plant

SunCoal’s unique HTC Pilot Plant is operated for customer purposes in weekly campaigns. In this way it is possible to scale up and validate production processes determined in the laboratory and to generate product samples on multi-ton scale in batch or continuous operation.

SunCoal’s pilot plant contains six main units: the flexible feeding system for a variety of liquid and solid biomasses, the HTT reactor that can be run by up to 260 °C and 47 bar, the cooling circuit for reduction of pressure and temperature, the membrane filter press for dewatering of HTT slurry, utilities for optimal process parameters and automation and measurement devices to provide full control of the entire process and product quality.